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Mat Movement is a Pilates rehabilitation experience.

pilates Omega FlatsMat Movement is a holistic form of exercise-based treatment which is specific to the individual. Movement treatment can assist with rehabilitating injury, and preventing future injury/pain.

At TPM Woolgoolga, Mat Movement is a form of pilates which focuses on posture, core strengthening, focus, balance, control, strength, breathing, and flexibility. We use movement in combination with Physiotherapy and Chiropractic to help you recover from injury or post surgery. This is particularly effective in relieving or eliminating chronic low back pain by strengthening and retraining your core and stabilising muscles to support your spine and posture in the way that it should.

What is the difference between Mat Movement and regular Pilates?

Mat movement essentially takes a more personalised approach to treatment. Exercises are specific to your individual needs (as determined by our professional Physiotherapists). This form of movement will adapt and change to suit your level and abilities. If injuries become aggravated through exercise, then the program will adapt to your current physical abilities. The goal of Mat movement is to help activate the specific muscles in your body that will bring the biggest rewards, namely fast and safe recovery and a return to full physical capacity.

Rather than giving a general exercise program our Mat Movement instructor applies her knowledge and training to provide a tailored program which targets specific muscles. Our Omega Flats Movement trainer will understand from working with you exactly what your body needs and prescribe an exercise program that gets to the core of the problem.

Who is Mat Movement for?

clinical pilates Omega Flats

TPM Mat Movement can be beneficial for anyone recovering from injury, pre and post birth, struggling with a nagging pain or Chronic condition.

General pilates classes may not always be the most appropriate activity for certain injuries and unique personal needs. Performing exercises that are not appropriate for your injuries or physical condition may put you at further risk of injury or aggravation your existing trauma. At TPM, before you begin Mat Movement classes or programs, you will have an initial appointment with a professional Physiotherapist to understand which exercises are going to help you and which you need to stay away from. Our Mat Movement Physiotherapist is an experts in understanding how training deals with injury and healing.


What are the benefits of TPM Movement Rehabilitation & Exercise Programs

Core Strength and Balance

  • Improved Core stability
  • Improved strength
  • Improved balance

Flexibility + Coordination + Posture

  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved coordination
  • Improved posture

Awareness + Agility + Endurance

  • Improved body awareness
  • Increased agility
  • Increased endurance

TPM Mat Movement Classes

When it comes to your health, especially post children, there is no one size fits all. That is why all of our classes are personal and designed specifically for you.
Prior to your first movement class, you will be be required to undertake a Physiotherapy assessment which will establish areas of focus. From here, your pilates trained Physiotherapist will design a specific program to allow you to achieve the results you are after.
Call us to find out which days are available.
When you purchase a 10 class pass, your initial Physiotherapy assessment is Gap Free!
We recommend a reassessment every 6-8 weeks, to monitor your movement progress. 
Omega Flats Mat Movement sessions will include a variety of equipment including Pilates reformer, mat work,  bands, balls, rollers, and pilates rings. 
Clinical Movement classes are Private Health claimable and can be processed within our clinic via HICAPS
Let’s begin – Book your Mat Movement assessment (previously known as pre pilates assessment) here, or call (02) 6654 0237 or email info@tpmwoopi.com.au to reserve your Mat Movement class. Spots are limited!


mat movement pilates Omega Flats

When you create a positive movement experience, you are able to move forward without pain. The more you move without pain, the more confident you are. And the more confident you are, the more likely you are to try another movement or exercise. This is the healthy rehabilitative cycle we create at TPM


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