Alan is a Senior Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist at Woolgoolga and Yamba Physio TPM. He holds a Bachelor in sport and exercise science and a Bachelor of physiotherapy, and is both an accredited exercise physiologist and accredited exercise scientist with ESSA.

Alan is passionate about patient-centred health care that addresses the patients needs and addresses barriers to achieving better health outcomes.

He also performs Bike Assessment to reduce pain and optimise your bike efficiency, performance and comfort.

Working as both a physiotherapist and exercise physiologist, Alan’s areas of interest include;

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Health and wellbeing promotion through motivational interviewing to increase engagement of physical activity and health literacy
  • Exercise in chronic disease (Healthy aging,musculoskeletal, metabolic, respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological conditions)
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Management of Tendinopathy
  • Persistent/chronic pain
  • Shoulder pain and conservative management and rehabilitation to functional training
  • Active/conservative management of knee and hip arthritis
  • Assisting cyclists with optimal bike setup to prevent, reduce pain, and increase performance
  • Sports injuries- with a keen interest in soccer, cycling, running, gym training,body weight training, Olympic lifting, surfing.
  • Enjoy working with patients of all ages can be rewarding, especially when it involves athletic development, training loads and recovery strategies, biomechanical analysis and movement skill development.

To further his professional health care treatment, Alan has completed additional courses in

  • Sports level 2
  • Injury prevention
  • Tendinopathy of lower limbs
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Elbow pain
  • Cycling setup
  • Persistent LBP pain management and empowering patients with exercise therapy
  • Advanced knee
  • Shoulders symptom modification

Outside of work you’ll find Alan running around with his boys playing soccer, riding bikes, playing chase, or spending time at the beach. Alan is keen on CrossFit, surfing, practicing bodyweight movements, and also paints, plays guitar (when he has a chance), and makes designer type birthday cakes for his boys,”it’s priceless seeing their faces.


     9 Market Street Woolgoolga,
NSW, 2456
     (02) 6654 0237
     (02) 6678 1001
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