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Whether you’re an Olympic Athlete or a Saturday morning golfer, TPM Woopi Physiotherapy is a sports injury clinic that has expert sports-focused physiotherapists trained in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

TPM Woolgoolga team of sports-focused injury physiotherapists have the experience to treat your injury and work with you through your rehabilitation process. Our aim is to return you to your activities safe, stronger, and more capable than before.

Sportspeople can acquire acute (short term) or chronic (long term) injuries as a result of competing at all levels in their sport, and treatment by a TPM specialised, knowledgeable physiotherapist ensures optimal recovery.

Causes of sports injuries

Sports injuries occur during sports or exercise and are commonly caused by overuse, direct impact or extreme application of force. The cause of sports injuries extends from contact during games to overloading in training. Regardless of their cause, sports injuries can affect sporting participation in terms of training and playing, as well as discomfort outside of sport through impact on daily life.

Physiotherapists are knowledgeable in the area of diagnosing sports injuries, and their treatment ensures you are rehabilitated quickly and return to functioning as soon as possible.

Treatment for sports injuries

Your sports physiotherapist will complete a detailed and thorough diagnosis, assessing the events leading up to injury, the onset of the pain, as well as considering your overall musculoskeletal health. In this manner, physiotherapists can determine the structural cause of pain and the specific course of action it requires. Moreover, physiotherapists will determine potential weaknesses or movement disorders that contributed to the cause or are preventing you from healing.

Once your diagnosis has been determined, your physiotherapist will discuss the plan for treatment, and the ways to return to sport. Usually, an immediate period of rest is followed by a gradual return  to activity with the use of rehabilitative exercises. Physiotherapists also work with coaches and other doctors to ensure your recovery is guided, not rushed and meets your requirements.

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