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Accredited Dietitians Woolgoolga and Sports Dietitians at The Physio Movement are trained to help you determine fact from fiction and assist you with practical advice to achieve your optimal health. TPM Dietitians are Degree educated practitioners who are trained to give food and nutrition advice to help improve your general health, or tailor sporting performance plans.

Our Woolgoolga Dietician and Nutritionist assist in optimising your nutrient intake, treatment of nutritional deficiencies, and specialise in counselling for weight control (weight loss and weight gain).

What Is a Dietitian

Dietitians at The Physio Movement are experts in food and nutrition. They provide guidance about how to appropriately manage diets and nutrition for people who may be affected by health conditions such as Diabetes, Overweight and Obesity, Cancer, Heart disease, Renal disease, Gastro-intestinal Diseases and Food allergies. Dietitians near me, can help you maintain your health and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease, as well as assisting in your sporting performance and success.

When should I see a Dietitian?

There are a wide range of triggers that may lead to you benefiting from the support of our dietitians. Some typical reasons why you might be referred, or might independently choose to see our Woolgoolga dietitians include:

  • Sporting performance requirements
  • A newly diagnosed chronic disease
  • Signs that a chronic illness is not being managed
  • Significant weight change
  • Recent poor food intake, poor appetite, or difficulty preparing or eating food
  • Changes in medication
  • Periodic reviews of medical nutrition therapy.


Dietitian and Nutrition Consultations at TPM

Your Initial Dietetics consultation will involve an assessment of your current diet, any relevant test results and the history of your condition. We then work with you to develop an individualised and appropriate management plan with the aim to improve your overall health or sporting performance goals.


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Our Woolgoolga Dietitians accept third parties as full payment for your healthcare treatment. Ask your GP for a referral to The Physio Movement for any of the following services.

Dietitian DVA
Dietitian Workcover QLD
Dietitian EPC/CDM


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