At The Physio Movement Woolgoolga, we are not only health care professionals, but passionate runners too.


Running Biomechanical Assessment Woolgoolga

A TPM running assessment improves performance and running economy and can help reduce the risk of injury. We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your presenting condition or injury, your training schedule and your running history. We will also assess muscle strength, movement patterns and your footwear. As experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists we understand the importance of running to your health and physical wellbeing.

We strive to provide you with the best running specific Physiotherapy in Woolgoolga and with the latest technology on the market, you will receive the highest quality biomechanical testing.

Who can benefit from a Physio Running Assessment at TPM?

At The Physio Movement we work closely with runners who have sustained an injury and are looking to return to running pain-free whilst maximising performance and preventing re-injury.  We also work with runners who want to work on their technique and biomechanics to assist in maximising their running performance;  efficiency, power, cadence, and preventing injuries before they occur.

As runners ourselves, we are able to assist runners of all levels from beginners, weekend Park Runners, Ultra distance runners, to elite Marathon Runners.

Put simply, if you are experiencing aches and pains whilst running, looking to stay injury-free whilst running, wanting to improve your performance and speed, take your running to an elite level, or simply new to running and looking for guidance on where to begin, our TPM Running Assessment can help you achieve your goals today!

Running Assessment Townsville

Uninjured Runners: Assessment with a Running Physiotherapist

  • Health History and Running Goal Assessment

  • Running Gait Analysis, using motion capture technology

  • Advice on technique correction, Running specific Exercises, Running Shoe advice

  • Focus: Increasing efficiency, improving performance, and technique


Injured Runners: Assessment with a Running Physiotherapist

  • Injury and Running History and Goal Assessment
  • Functional Assessment of Injuries

  • Running Gait Analysis, using motion capture technology

  • Advice on Technique Correction to assist with Injury, Running specific Exercises, Running Shoe advice, and Training schedule.

  • Focus: Decreasing injury and moving forward with a running plan to reach your goals.

Can I use Private Health Insurance for a Physio Running Assessment?

Yes, as our Running Assessments are conducted by Professional Physiotherapists, Health Fund Rebates will apply to your consultation.

Strength Training for Runners (Group Class)

TPM Running Woolgoolga holds weekly Strengthening sessions for runners. Runners need a different strength-training program from your standard gym goer. Instead of pushing weight away from the body, runners need to focus on targeting the key muscles which will keep you balanced and moving forward.

Come and Join our specifically designed Strength training program for Runners

Tuesday ~ 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Thursday ~ 6am – 7am

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