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Woolgoolga Chiropractic Care with TPM There are endless reasons why our clients  decide to work with our Chiropractic Care Woolgoolga team. You may be treated and adjusted for headaches, low back pain, neck pain, range of motion, or anything in between. There are numerous ways that spinal adjustments can help your overall daily health and fitness goals. […]

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The Importance of Optimal Pelvic Floor Health At The Physio Movement Woolgoolga, our female Physiotherapists are passionate about Womens Health Physiotherapy and all things Incontinence and Pelvic floor rehabilitation. What is Pelvic Floor Stress Incontinence? Stress incontinence is the leaking of small amounts of urine during activities that increase pressure inside the abdomen and push down […]

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  Netball is a game that calls for fast movements, lots of jumping, throwing and quick changes in direction, which unfortunately does easily result in injuries.  Injuries to the ankles, knees and hands are most common in Adult players. However, hands and fingers, then the ankle are most common with junior players.  As a netball […]

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Living with a chronic condition is hard, but you can reduce its impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Do you live with pain every day? Do you live with a disability, or a chronic condition such as endometriosis, PCOS, heart disease, diabetes or osteoporosis? Does the daily struggle make you feel sad or anxious? […]

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If you are happy just plodding around and never actually reaching your full running potential that’s fine, you will stay fit and healthy. But if you actually want to run well, smash some PB’s, win some races, make some teams then you need to focus on being addicted to performance not running. This means sometimes taking rest days to recover, freshen up, taper.

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  The Younger Athlete Growing children and teenagers are at a higher risk of various injuries at certain times in their development as different growth plates become ‘active’. Because many children are extremely active and participate in high intensity activities that include running, jumping, hoping and fast change of direction on a daily basis, the […]

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Resistance Training- Part 1 I speak to a lot of people in the clinic who are suffering from injuries, many are involved in regular activity ranging from running, triathlon, all the fooball codes, dance and CrossFit to bowls and beach walking. Everyone would like exercise to be easier, have less pain with daily activity, improve […]

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This week the pelvic health group @pelvicroar has headed a social media campaign to put diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA) in the spotlight. This week long campaign has seen the hashtag #pelvicroar used extensively to raise awareness of this condition & hopefully shed some light on the wealth of information & support available to everyone. So […]

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Exercise is developing significant evidence for its benefits in preventing chronic illnesses including cancer but is also proving to be a major benefit during cancer treatment with improved results and managing side effects as well as improving long term outcomes and reducing reoccurrence rates.

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Important Considerations with Exercise in Hot Conditions After Reece’s massive run in the 102km Tarawera Ultra Trail Race on Saturday and the triathlon racing season getting into full swing it’s the perfect time to share some wisdom about exercising in hot conditions. There is no doubt that the recent weather conditions are making life uncomfortable. […]

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