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Netball is a game that calls for fast movements, lots of jumping, throwing and quick changes in direction, which unfortunately does easily result in injuries.  Injuries to the ankles, knees and hands are most common in Adult players. However, hands and fingers, then the ankle are most common with junior players.  As a netball player, our fitness level needs to be more than just ‘fit’.  Netball players must practice good jumping and landing techniques and ensure they do thorough warm up and cool down sessions after each game. Falls, incorrect landing, over-exertion, fatigue, overuse, collisions with other players and being struck by the ball are common causes of injury.

Consulting with a physiotherapist can help you prevent a lot of netball injuries.


The Netball Australia KNEE Program

Our Physiotherapist Ciata has completed additional specialised netball training and is now an endorsed provider of the Netball Australian KNEE Program.

What is the Netball KNEE Program?

This program is effectively a series of specific warm up exercises which has been developed by netball Australia with the goal of preventing injury and enhancing performance in Netball players.

The KNEE program provides a structured but adaptable, evidence based, warm up specific for netball players.

How is the KNEE Program different from a normal warm up?

Recently it has become clear that injuries in netballers are becoming more common and that a high percentage of these injuries occur at the knee. Most of which can be put down to common errors in technique in three main areas:

  • Landing
  • Change of Direction
  • Deceleration

The aim of the program is to optimise technique and enhance efficiency of movement by improving technique in these areas through a series of specific exercises.

The KNEE program warm up therefore includes a variety of exercises to address each area individually but when completed as a whole is proven to decrease risk of knee injury.

Who is the KNEE Program suitable for?

This program is suitable for players from all levels and to make easy to administer it is broken down for different skill levels:

  • Junior
  • Recreational
  • Elite

Each level is specifically designed to ensure the exercises are both appropriate to the level of play and will be effective in the goal of preventing injury and enhancing performance.

Due to the adaptable nature of this program, all levels of Netball players can participate and will benefit.

Do you think this program will benefit you, your team or your club? Not sure how to go about it?

This program has proven benefits for Netball participants and we would love to help you implement the KNEE program at your club.

The intention is to teach coaches and players the skills required to implement the program into training and warm ups to continue independently throughout the season and off season training.

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